Tuesday, May 24, 2011

All That Shines...

We've been practicing math concepts a lot lately with Madilyn- counting, shapes, and more. Math doesn't seem to come as easy to blind children as it does sighted children. I get so overwhelmed sometimes when I think of all the things Madilyn is missing out on just by not seeing. We recently moved into a new home with many beautiful windows that give us an ever changing display of the most unique art one could ask for, the sky. I sit and look out, wondering what Madilyn listens to, or feels, to get the same satisfaction as I do from the magnificent colors and textures.

When Madilyn was born, I immediately thought of all the things she would miss out on by not seeing them. How could you ever appreciate a sunset without being able to see the natural blends of colors no man can recreate? But she has recently become fascinated with the sun anyway. She is captivated by its warmth. She sat on the chaise one day by the window, sunbeams streaming in full force without the curtains or blinds to hinder them. She waved her hand about in front of her face, blocking a little piece of the ray on her face. I know she could feel the coolness on that little shaded spot of creamy skin instantly. I just sat in awe of how she was 'seeing' what I thought she may never know. I almost felt like crying to see her expressions as she experimented with positioning her hand in different places, probably feeling the warmth, then the coolness, dance back and forth between her hand and her sweet little smiling face.

Since this moment, when of course I had no camera at my fingertips, Madilyn has asked to feel the sun each day. At our new house, the schoolroom/playroom has three long floor to ceiling windows in a bay where she can lounge around and feel the sun most any hour of the day. I didn't realize that she wasn't getting much sunshine at all throughout the day inside our old apartment, which had very few windows and we kept them shut for privacy most of the time anyway. We went out for walks and more, but that doesn't compare to getting caught in a sunbeam on a lazy afternoon. I wait each day for moments like that one. I assure you my days are full of brightness just seeing her smile and be happy, but every parent must know that there are just some little moments that fill our hearts and last a lifetime.

"Keep your face to the sunshine and you will never see a shadow." - Helen Keller