ICAN Fundraiser

5% of all Sensory Sun's Etsy Shop proceeds benefits ican - The International Children's Anophthalmia and Micropthalmia Network. Visit our Etsy shop today! You'll find an assortment of print and braille greeting cards, as well as many handmade sensory home and children's items. Enjoy!

2011 Donation: $17.20

The International Children's Anophthalmia & Microphthalmia Network (ican), a voluntary not-for-profit organization, is a group of families and professionals dedicated to lending support to individuals who want to learn more about microphthalmia and anophthalmia (eyes that are abnormally small, completely absent, or consist only of vestigial portions). 
Etablished in 1993, ican also enables parents with affected children to share personal experiences, information, and support; take advantage of the Network's database of physicians and educational resources; and learn about ongoing research and medical issues. ican provides referrals to genetic counseling, support groups, and other services and promotes professional and patient education. It provides a variety of educational and support materials through its computer database, directory, and regular newsletter.

For more information on ICAN, please visit their website at http://anophthalmia.org.