Monday, April 18, 2011

First Steps - MISS M IS WALKING!

Yesterday was a day I will remember forever. I've written of this kind of day before. But yesterday was extra special because it marked a huge milestone for my Miss M! Yesterday, she walked. I wanted to write this last night, but am now remembering why I didn't - tears of joy!! I have waited years to scream this for all to hear and to celebrate with us. M is six years old now. It has taken her quite some time to get where most children do rather quickly. But we all knew she could do it and last night she proved it!

I cannot do justice in describing how I'm feeling inside. In some ways, it is almost surreal. I haven't stopped smiling since about 6pm last night. My dreams were filled with her laughter and giggles of knowing she made such an accomplishment. Before it was always dreams of what it would be like when she finally did take those first few steps all on her own. But now it is reliving those moments over and over again. It would make me happy to have that same dream night after night. I could never be upset or sad again. And to be honest, I think it will take quite a lot to knock me off this pedestal of happiness I'm on right now!

I could try to describe it to you, but again, my written words would not do justice to the miracle that I witnessed last night with my precious little girl! With that, I share this video clip with you! Enjoy!


  1. Well GREAT. Now *I'M* crying!! That is beautiful!!

  2. I am crying too! This was such a beautiful post and I feel blessed to know you both! :)

  3. You text me the night she walked but...i just seen the video and it is the most precious thing I have ever seen!!!!! = )


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