Thursday, June 9, 2011

World Oceans Day

Yesterday, we joined other organizations and individuals in celebrating World Oceans Day! You can still celebrate with your blind child, make an ocean replica! You don't need much, and many of the items you probably already have on hand.

  • small/medium leak proof tub - glass is better environmentally, but plastic (BPA FREE) may be safer with small children
  • play sand
  • seashells
  • water
  • rocks, plants, and other treasures - like those you would put in an aquarium
  • salt (optional)
  • blue food coloring for children with low vision (eco-friendly, of course)
The idea is pretty simple. Just fill the tub part way with sand, seashells, and whatever else you desire; then fill with water! Add the food coloring last if you choose to use it. I mixed a little salt with water in a cup for Madilyn to taste and compare with regular water. But, salt water is dehydrating so don't drink more than a sip!


The pollution of our oceans is often overlooked since so many of us rarely, if ever, visit these vast wonders that make up 70% of our Earth. But the truth is the oceans are in great need of our attention. The sea life, coral reefs, sharks, whales, stingrays, manatees and more, are being affected daily by our bad habits. Pollution isn't just made up of the trash being thrown out windows or the exhaust drifting from our tailpipes, but also the chemicals we use to clean our homes, pesticides sprayed on plants, and even emissions from paint. The scary part is a majority of the materials that make up our homes, cars, and clothing, aren't always safe. In short, be aware of what you are using, touching and eating. Do your part. Check out organizations like and companies doing good like and!

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