Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Products to encourage sitting, crawling, standing, and walking!

Below is a list of toys we recommend to help in encouraging your child to make progress towards the next developmental stage, whether it be sitting, crawling, standing or walking! Click the picture to link to the outside resource where we found the best prices. These also make great gifts that any child, blind or sighted will enjoy!

Many toys, such as the sit to stand activity centers, grow with the child making them well worth the money. All the toys below have sound. Until about a year ago, my daughter (now 6) wouldn't even consider playing with a toy unless it made lots of great sounds!

Recommended Products:

toys for helping learn to walk

Shoes squeak when you walk!
Wee Squeak Shoes - http://wesqueak.net/

Fisher-Price Cruise Around Activity Lion
Fisher-Price Lil Snoopy Pull Toy
Fisher-Price Melody Push Chime
Fisher-Price Learning Vacuum
Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone

toys to encourage standing
   Fisher-Price Musical Table
   Rainforest Jumperoo
   Fisher-Price Learn and Move Music Station

toys to encourage sitting

   Bumbo Seat
Also, check out the attachable tray so baby can play with her favorite music toy while sitting!

   Vtech Sit to Stand Learning Walker
   Bright Starts Around We Go Activity Station - Doodle Bugs

toys to encourage crawling and tummy time

   Fisher-Price Singin' Soccer Ball
   Fisher-Price Crawl Along Drum Roll
   Crawl Along Snail
   1-2-3 Rainforest Musical Gym

***always consult your doctor or therapist before starting a new exercise program for you or your children.

Additional Resources:
USA Gymnanstics - http://www.usa-gymnastics.org/pages/home/publications/technique/2010/05/06_core.pdf
Yoga for Kids - http://yogakids.com/
   They also have a great app for download on iTunes!

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