Thursday, December 8, 2011

Inspired by Pinterest - Sensory Christmas Cards for Kids!

So if you haven't been introduced to 'pinning' on Pinterest, then I'm here to make that connection for you. At first you will love me for it, then you will curse me for showing you a way to use up so much of your free time. Then you'll thank me again...

Pinterest is your personal virtual corkboard. You can pin and repin pictures from anywhere on the web, or even from your phone. It is the world of pictures at your fingertips, with shots of everything from DIY crafts to good to pass up recipes to places you may only see in pictures. Check it out yourself, but be willing to be captivated... and by that I mean spend a couple hours or more on there!

Since the idea themes are approaching infinity in the Pinterest world, I have decided to narrow down this post to Sensory Christmas Cards for Kids! I 'repin' and 'like' numerous pins I think Madilyn would enjoy AND unlike some people, I actually do a few of these projects! So here I want to share a few with you. Enjoy!

Since this one is my favorite, I'll show it first! We made these cards and used a different finger for each color, with the exception of "Finger 6". It was a great way to relate the numbers of the dots with each numbered finger. Finger 1 makes Dot 1, Finger 2 makes Dot 2, etc... I pretended to be Mr. Elf, the cardmaking elf, while we finished the craft. We used green, red and white string from the scrapbook store for the string and Stickles glitter glue for the metal parts of the lights. Madilyn really enjoyed my funny "Mr. Elf voice" as well as making the cards for her to send out to our family!

Fingerprint Holiday Lights

Footprint Christmas Tree

Thumbprint Reindeer Love

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