Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Recordable Storybooks - A Personal Gift for a Blind Child

I absolutely LOVE these Recordable Storybooks from Hallmark. You can buy them at your local Hallmark Store or order online. The book is a great size for children. The pages are thicker than normal book pages making it a great material for adhering clear brailled sticker paper. My parents recorded the story "Twas the Night Before Christmas" for my daughter. They read the words from the book while adding their own little personal phrases or 'shout outs' to her. It is now a keepsake that will last years - many many Christmases down the road. She'll be able to share this favorite Christmas story even if we aren't together at the holidays.

My daughter's birthday is coming up this month, too. My husband and I are going to record the "My Little Princess" story for her to enjoy. It is a gift that she will truly enjoy immediately and for years to come. We will add the braille text using the clear adhesive sheets that we can type using our at home Perkins Brailler. It takes a while but I've found that just doing a few pages in the evening here and there helps break it up and it not seem so overwhelming.

I am planning on making a recorded scrapbook album for my daughter as well with pictures, 3D scrapbook products, braille, and anything else I can find that is tactile! I will record the details and description of each picture. The memory card is big enough that you can record plenty of time on each page to reminisce each memory.

 Hallmark is already made quite a few stories/titles available and a variety of blank memory albums! Check them out today and share your ideas with Sensory Sun! I hope you and your child will enjoy it as much as we have!


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