Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Textured Braille Wall Tags - O&M idea

Many times we found Madilyn getting turned around and confused about where she was in the house. The walls all feel the same and she could go for quite a few steps before getting to a corner or piece of furniture to help her identify her location. To break up the long sections of wall and mark the places where she needed to remember to let go trailing the wall and take a few steps in the other direction, we put textured and braille tags on the walls as a reminder. Not only did they help her to identify her location, but they encouraged her to reach out and explore! We saw instant progress being made in her trailing and walking skills, independently working to get to where she wanted to go! I definitely encourage you to take a few minutes and consider using the wall tags in your home, and even your child's school. It is easy and fun for all kids!

Click here to view the Wall Tags Activity Plan (pdf)
Use two different textures to show where two different rooms are separated but there is not a wall or door.

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