Sunday, January 15, 2012

UPDATE! Mission: Require Audio Description

Yay! I contacted another theater, The Rave Motion Pictures - Colonel Glenn 18, in Little Rock to request they install a system for audio description services in their theater. Keep reading for their encouraging response!

<<Note: I sent The Rave the same general email given in the first post regarding this Mission!>>

Hello Mrs. Kleck,
It is rather interesting that you sent your email when you did.  I had been doing some research and started asking about the possibility of us getting some applicable systems within the last 2 weeks.  The systems I am most interested in are the Captiview and the Fidelio from Doremi (brochures are attached).  I can go into specifics as to why I would prefer these systems over mopix, but most revolve around the fact that these systems have come about since the "digital revolution" where mopix is (was) a film system that can be converted to work on a digital system.  At this point I have no actual news other than that we have started having discussions and are following a process that can take some time.  I truly hope it doesn't take long, but we are still very early in the process (we haven't even recieved pricing).  I truly believe we need these systems and will continue to follow up until I have a definitive answer.  I would like to keep your email address so that when I get an answer I can follow back up with you.  Also, if we are able to aquire these systems I will need some help getting the word out and you seem like you could (and would) help me with that.  Please let me know if you have any questions I will do my best to answer them.
<name omitted for privacy>general managerravecinemas | colonel glenn 18
***My happy reply***

 Dear <general manager>,
Thank you so much for your prompt and encouraging reply! As my family was just at your theater yesterday to watch the new Chipmunk's movie. We took my daughter but it was hard for her to follow the beginning of the story since there was not audio description. I closed my eyes too, and realized there was no way she could understand without a verbal description of the images. We would really appreciate a serious effort into bringing the service to your theater.
I looked up the Fidelio and Doremi website information, as I was not familiar with their system. I do like that their system uses wired headsets that will not have an RF signal so close to your head. I will definitely be willing to help spread the word in the community, as well as nationally, when you have a system installed. Please keep me updated on the progress. My daughter is looking forward to 'seeing' the new movies in the future! Your action is definitely appreciated!

 So, that is the last we've heard from the manager at The Rave, but I'll definitely be following up with him very soon. I'm arranging a meeting with the local blind organizations in the central Arkansas area to help encourage the theater to go ahead with their idea, and to show the theater just how many people are in need of the service and how many more will back them up! Even if you are not visually impaired or do not even know a blind person, you can still help advocate by reinforcing the need for and equality of accessibility in public areas AND privately owned companies. The voices of MANY is much louder and more easily heard!

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