Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Audio Description of Books and Pictures

I used to steer away from buying books with a lot of images, thinking they were inaccessible to Madilyn. But after opening my mind and learning so much more about audio description (AD), I have realized that buying books with beautiful, detailed pictures is one of the best ways to assist in really explaining the world to her. How? By verbally describing the pictures to her. And by describing I don't just mean, "There is a picture of a red apple." I mean making the images come to life with beautiful words, full of color and action. I recently had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Joel Snyder of (Audio Description Associates, www.audiodescribe.com) describe audio description as "a type of poetry- a haiku, if you will." These words stuck with me as I visited the local bookstore and found "Children's Amazing Places Encyclopedia" on sale for only $10! First of all, I thought about how much Madilyn loves geography and learning all about the different places and cultures of the world. Then, I looked at the abundance of images throughout that I could describe to her as I saw them- sharing my own personal feelings and thoughts of each. Obviously, it made it's way through the checkout and is now on our bookshelf, waiting to be opened this week!

Many times, I've found it's not that the resources or supplies don't exist in teaching Madilyn, but it's that they are being used in a different manner. If I stop to think, "How can I solve this problem?"  and not, "Which existing product out there right now will do the job?", I come up with not only a great answer, but one that would help a child ahead or behind her current level. One that a child with 100% sight would gain just as much as Madilyn, whom doesn't have the least bit of an experience of what 'seeing' visually even feels like at this point in her life. This is the idea behind Sensory Sun Educational Technologies. I want to change the 'standard' from printed type and pictures to books and movies you can touch, hear, and even smell. I want the  product that needs to be 'adapted' to already be fully accessible, and work well! This is not a wish- this is my goal.

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