Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day Activities

With a holiday known for it's celebration of a particular color, I had to look to the symbols and other meanings to help explain St. Patrick's Day to my daughter. We talked about "green" as well, as I try not to leave out learning about colors simply because she cannot see them. (We can't see oxygen, but we must learn about it, right?!) Here are a few activities we did this week. Her favorite was the Rainbow Art!

ART - 3D Rainbow art

MATH - Counting gold coins
We used 3D coins with textured paper underneath to section off each part of the problem tactually.
 Each texture is different to represent each part of the number sentence!

The coins are then moved to the right of the equal sign to find the total sum!

Pot of Gold Math worksheet

Also try making different patterns using cutout with glitter glue gold coins, shamrocks and leprechauns!

IMAGINATION - Let's Dress Up!
Madilyn learned about leprechauns by being one! Here she is in her Leprechaun beard and hat.
I purchased Madilyn's hat at Michael's Craft Store, but here is a cute way to make your own paper leprechaun hat (via Pinterest).

BRAILLE - Braille name on shamrocks (mix up game)

close up

COMMUNITY - Talk about the meanings of each leaf of the shamrock – faith, hope, love and luck

In a simpler wording, the Golden Rule states "Treat others as you would like to be treated." For many kids with birth defects that may make them look a little 'different' than others, or sound different, or learn differently, this is a VERY IMPORTANT lesson to learn!
This is also a perfect time to reinforce the importance of respect and manners. We read a chapter from "Winnie the Pooh's Book of Manners" each afternoon. Available via Bookshare's Read2Go App.

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  1. Love the shamrock mix up game and the descriptions. I agree with your analogy about oxygen, of course we need to learn about things we cannot see!


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