Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vitamin Angels Quarter Jar for Giving!

Madilyn has been loving learning about Africa. She knows about the Sahara Desert, the Serengeti, the Nile River, Madagascar, and the Great Rift Valley. She studied the four countries in/near the Great Rift Valley and committed them to memory so well I even remember them! She eagerly recites to anyone who will listen, "Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya and Mozambique!" The last is her favorite to say for good reason- it's just fun! However, as we researched more and more about the cultures of this area we found somewhat disturbing information about the lack of nutrients, especially Vitamin A, causing numerous cases of blindness and vision problems for the children there. It's not that I was not aware of the malnutrition in many areas of the world, but to know the statistics and think how these cases of blindness could be prevented was heartbreaking and in some ways, angered me to know that so many children, not so different than my own, were suffering in a way that could be helped. I am said to be a very empathetic person, and with that I've learned that if I don't try to help, and encourage others to do the same, the worse I feel about the entire situation. So, I try to help for the right reasons and do it in the most ethical, moral, healthy way possible.

In our search for organizations that reach out to the people all over the world that need Vitamin A to prevent blindness and infectious diseases in at-risk populations, we found Vitamin Angels ( Vitamin Angel's mission is to "to mobilize and deploy private sector resources to advance availability, access and use of micronutrients, especially vitamin A, among at-risk populations in need." And the best part? It only takes 25 cents to help a child per year! A quarter! I paid over $4 for my iced coffee this morning. That would have helped 16 children receive enough nutrients to build stronger immune systems, lower risk of disease, and survive! (And yes, I'm trying to quit the coffee addiction - knowing how money can be used for much better causes HELPS!)
Madilyn with her Vitamin Angel Quarter Jar

Madilyn is only seven years old, but I don't think it's ever too early to teach children how to help others. So today she decorated a little jar and it is now her "Vitamin Angel Quarter Jar". She gets to put in a quarter for all her good deeds, plus anything she does well like being polite, independent, and reading braille books- this has been a great incentive for her that doesn't involve sugary foods or new toys! You can help to by creating your own fundraiser page, or donate at mine if you wish! Remember, every quarter counts!


  1. Also, please get in touch with me at I would love to write a little something about Madilyn. What a heartwarming story :)

  2. It is really heartwarming. She is an inspiration to all of us that you find happiness in giving to thise who are more needy than yourself.


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