Saturday, January 8, 2011

Books about parenting, teaching & socializing blind children

Since my daughter was born, I've turned to books to research a variety of information relating to raising her, ideas for toys and activities, suggestions on teaching her independence, etc. When she was about 8 months old I ordered several books, each about $25, for ideas and advice on teaching her to self feed, walk, and play. I was very disappointed when ALL the books arrived in a thin manila envelope, each only approximately 25 pages long with basic information. It took me about one day to read over all of it. I felt like I had wasted my $100 bucks (including shipping) that I could have bought diapers, formula, or a toy that would have been a much better buy. 

I continue to browse for books that may be worth the money but have found very few worth the money. Most books I find that I may find helpful are way to expensive for my budget. I've listed a few links at the bottom with books I'm interested in however. I'd appreciate any comments from anyone who has read any of them. I wish there was somewhere like a library I could check them out, keep them for at least two months, and return when I had finished my research. To my knowledge this doesn't exist for books like those. 

Does anyone know of a source that doesn't charge, except perhaps shipping, for research and help books about visually impaired children, braille, etc? If not, how many people would be interested as I am? I think it would be a great resource for parents and professionals!

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