Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Raising a visually impaired child shouldn't be any harder...
All children have special needs. Being visually impaired shouldn't mean being left out of games, sports, outdoor activities, music, and most importantly learning. Sensory Sun is dedicated to bringing you the information, products, and resources you're looking for - all in one place! Awaken your senses through sound, touch taste, and even, smell!
Read our BLOG for hints and tips on adapting products to suit your child. Check out our website for the  PRODUCTS page for toys with light and sound, braille books, therapy aids, feeding and movement encouragers and more- all at the best prices! Plus, take a minute to CONTACT us for ideas on how to make any toy, book, or game suitable for a visually impaired child. We'll constantly be updating our site, so please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger to keep up to date with all things for visually impaired and blind children!

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  1. This is a wonderful. blog.. Thank you for doing this... Wish I would have thought of it.. lol. I know I have a bunch of sites that I think could be useful. I will definitely forward them to you soon. I will be following your blog.. GREAT JOB my friend :)


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