Thursday, January 6, 2011

She walks by faith, not by sight.

Most children begin walking around 12-18 months. My daughter is almost six years old and still isn't walking independently. She puts one foot down, then the other but something with her balance just doesn't connect. She walks well with the help of someone or her walker; but even the walker is hard for her when the not-all-terrain wheels hit the smallest crack in the pavement. She participates in physical therapy on a regular basis with guidance from a vision/orientation & mobility specialist and still struggles with every step.

I guess what it is so frustrating is that she seems completely capable of walking on her own. Doctors can't give a physical problem with her joints or muscles- she just hasn't quite got the hang of it. Therapists have mentioned the possibility of low muscle tone, which we try to increase with strength training, exercise, and lots of protein!

We all try our best to make her walk and not carry her, but every busy mom knows sometimes you just need to move a little faster. So I pick her up, then later feel the guilt for not taking the time to make her do it on her own. I get on to myself and make a mental note that it's going to take her time and practice. It is my job to provide the tools necessary for her to succeed... my hands, a walker, patience, encouragement... I just have to remind myself of all that she has accomplished in her lifetime and I'm the proudest mother in the world.


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